Sneaky Peaks FlowHouse

"Epic Waves, Awesome Experience"

Sneaky Peaks Flow House, featuring a world-class Sheet Wave Surf Simulator, represents a new wave in the Gold Coast’s iconic tourism market, to enable locals, Australian tourists and overseas visitors to experience surfing within a safe and managed precinct. Incorporating the latest technology in artificial wave design and performance, Sneaky Peaks Flow House delivers hours of active leisure surfing within a facility that will also boast sought-after food and beverage services, retail outlets and an entertainment area.



Some of the positives that exist with Sneaky Peaks.

Family oriented venue

Tourist Attraction – local economic benefits

Aid slightly in reducing surf congestion

Personal Health and well being (sport and laughter can help people and particular teenagers in many ways)

International and National Exposure – surfing events and the sport of flowboarding is growing rapidly

Sneaky Peaks Flow House is eco friendly

Sneaky Peaks venue is completely mobile and can be relocated

There is nothing like this on our coastal strip.